Ancient Tulum Ruins, Tulum, Mexico

While in Riviera Maya I took an all day excursion, morning was swimming with turtles at Akumal Beach and the afternoon was spent touring the ancient city of Tulum. Take a walk through the ancient ruins by looking thorough my photos of the place..

It was hot and a long walk from parking to the gates. While I enjoy the heat my husband did as husbands do and grumbled about the humidity (he wasn’t made for it, you see). Use the washrooms at the front cause there are none once inside the city.

Once through the gates you walk though a outdoor museum where there are information pieces along the way to give you snippets of the history, what it was like and how everything operated back when Tulum was hip hoppin’ with trade. To enter the city you must go through a little whole in a wall tangled with tree roots, you could feel a bit like a kid finding a secret passage through time.

When I first got through it didn’t seem to look like much, but from the very beginning you cannot see the entirety of the compound. It truly is huge though, amazing to think how big it is and how many buildings there are considering the time period and that everything had to be done by hand. A fascinating tidbit I learned was that the Mayans made all this literally by hand or rough tools, as unlike other civilizations there are no large animals (besides large cats or pet dogs) to help with pulling

The buildings, which seem like a feat to themselves, from afar look simple, but once you get close you can see that they used to be painted vibrant colors and having incredibly intracit carvings, making them sensational and a valuable piece of history. I’ll be honest, we don’t have much of that quality of artistry anymore

The view from the top though, is the very best of the whole tour. It’s breath taking. There are no other words. I fell in love with the aqua blue (it is now my favourite color)

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