Gran Bahia Principe Coba, Riviera Maya, Mexico

We decided on the Gran Bahia Principe Coba. Its one of the newer sections of the resort, there are 5 resorts all together, and its a little cheaper I think because it is not beach front. None the less it was amazing. There is a bit of a drive from Cancun airport (about two hours). We arrived somewhere around midnight. The hotel celebrated our arrival with a sugar rimmed mojito on the rocks.

A view of the hotel itself.

There are a couple of late night snack bars, so after checking into our room we headed off to find a late night snack. The snack bar was okay. I cannot say it was the most amazing, it was simple food, pizza, nachos, burritos, etc., but we ate, drank and attempted to find our way back to our rooms. And got lost along the way. The restaurants and buffets though… are something else. Every type and ethnicity of food was available for your sampling. There were 8 or 9 á la cartes to choose from and none of the ones we tried disappointed. We tried the Japanese, Italian and Brazilian – all delightful. So if you are a foodie, going here you would not be disappointed.

As previously mentioned the complex was huge. You could eat or explore any of the 5 resorts. There were trollies that would take you from pick up points – this was so amazing and also necessary. Getting to the beach was no big deal and it would have been quite the hike with the trolly. I love the beach in the morning, I find it so peaceful. We spent a couple days at the beach, Robert isn’t the beach bunny I am so we had to make sure we missed it up.


The resorts were connected to a nature sanctuary so there was always lots of wildlife to see. Iguanas were everywhere sun bathing and there Coatis everywhere going through garbage. They are basically a raccoon like scavanger.

While the beach is my go to, Robert is more a of a pool with a swim up bar kinda guy. So we would take a quick dip here and there every once and a while and chill out. Pool are nice there because getting to the beach from Coba is an effort, where as to just grab your towel and march over to the pool for a bit is super easy and if you need something is quick walk back to the room. We had actually gotten married at the resort and had a morning pool session pre wedding.

It was an excellent first travel experience and I would love to hit up that resort again for a total relaxation and TLC week.

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