AirBnb Apartamentos PLAEZ No. 1, Havana, Cuba

After being in Cuba for a week and staying in other Casa Particulars we were a little disappointed we didn’t save money and rent just a room while we were in Havana too, but within one day of staying at the apartment we changed our tune.

Staying seven days in the same place the apartment was aweome. Also we had a sick day that made having the apartment also awesome. In the end I am glad we had pre-booked and couldn’t back out, because it gave us space, privacy and made us go out and explore for things like food and water and really pushed us out of our comfort zone.

The front entry held a garage then a porch where cast iron rocking chairs awaited an evening cigar session. There was two layers of gates to get through to the front door. Seeing all the gates everywhere is a little daunting and makes you wonder about crime, but there was never any indication that crime was a problem, but with almost every house being open air without windows the bars are what keep people and dogs out just in case.

Apartamentos Plaez No. 1 – The Porch

Staying at the apartment was an amazing experience in seeing a nice cuban home. I get the impression that when there are no customers the family spreads out and lives in the apartments and moves upstairs when customers come. This would be a much nicer version of what a cuban home is as I also believe the Cubans give the best to the tourists and take much simpler means for themselves.

Apartamentos Plaez No. 1 – Fully Outfitted Kitchen
Apartamentos Plaez No. 1 – Main Living Space – Amazing height to ceilings make the rooms feel so much bigger than they are

The ceiling was my favourite part, they were incredibly high probably 16 feet high and the crown moulding was beautiful. Mostly enchanted with the height of the ceilings and the spacious feel they gave off. The bright colours you see outside are taken indoors and there is no attempt at colour matching from tile to paint. The colours are vibrant and each room has its own flair. The lack of coordination is so beautiful and casual making you feel at home with the unpretentious feeling.

There were two bedrooms. I would advise against using the closets if your normally one of those move-right-in types as they hold a strong humidity odor that isn’t really pleasant and is very strong. Actually just don’t even open the closests at all. You’ll thank me.

Apartamentos Plaez No. 1 – The Spare Room
Apartamentos Plaez No. 1 – The Spare Room, second view
Apartamentos Plaez No. 1 – The Master Bedroom
Apartamentos Plaez No. 1 – The Master Bedroom, second view. Don’t open those cupboards

The apartment at 1009 Calle 23 known as Apartamentos Plaez No. 1 is in an ideal location for those wanting to get a little off the beaten path of Old Havana and see a little more of the real Havana. It is situated in Vedado and is on a major avenue Calle 23. It is very close to the Beautiful Christopher Columbus Cemetery, Havana Zoo and if your ready for a good hike it is technically walking distance to the Hotel Nacional and Central Havana though if your not up to it no one would blame you for getting a taxi.

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