We have big goals. We want a rockin’ bod, to get all the shit done we need to, and still have a little *time* left over for ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but my current life is a fucking mess.

I downsized my house in February 2021… but it is unfinished. We are still building it, lol.

Meanwhile, I’m working full-time, working part-time on websites, building a house, still trying to love my husband, self though some me time, eat ok and stay fit.

Needless to say when you have too full of a plate, you don’t eat it all.

In order to meet the goals we want to set we need a plan. A plan to get the shot out of the way that is hindering progress, so that we can focus. Pause the things you want, start knocking off the projects that will have the most short term pay off and allow more time to focus where there is long term pay off.

  • Fitness x Nutrition – BAMs
  • Friends x Family – Paused
  • Kids – N/A
  • Adventure – Paused
  • Education – Paused
  • Writing – BAMs
  • Side-Business – BAMs
  • Home Renos- Part -Time
  • Work – Full Time

So what does that mean:

  • Paused: No Activity.
  • BAMs (Bare-Assed Minimums): Are categories you have deemed too critical to quit completely. These are deeply personal choices, and will tell you a lot about yourself (push yourself to focus on 3-4 BAM’s, see what get’s let go x be OK with it). Maintain Habit formation by showing up: Keep space for the activity, in a minimized way; 3 examples:
    • Example: Instead of waking at 5 AM for a full work out, because you’re working too late to get a good nights rest, wake as early as you can to get 5 mins of the habit/goal. Do 5 minutes of dynamic warm ups or cool downs depending on how your body feels that day. Keep the habit.
    • Example: If eating conveniently or find you are wasting produce, reduce to 1 a day/ each. Yup. One fruit x one veg a day. 1. You’re not eating them either because you can’t get to them fast enough, you aren’t interested or you don’t have the amenities. Save some moola, buy what you need/can use. Also, there is psychology behind the less you have to choose from, the better you feel – so decision easy, eat the blueberries. Add broccoli. Keep the habit.
    • Example: Studying and focused learning need space x time. I’m short on those. But I can do 1 page a day. Or 1/2 page. I can do that. Keep the habit.
  • Part-Time: 0-10 hours/week
  • Full-Time: 40+ hours/ week

This is how we keep the fire kindled. We minimize some tabs. We ain’t done, but we are prioritizing our seasons for strategic affect.

We cannot do it all. Whoever said that is a fucking liar.

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