2021 in review

2021 went by in a blur.

we had a house 100% finished a flourished with a super clean, and organized space. I loved being about to completely focus on my workouts and felt so complete.

then we moved out of our castle and into a little shack of a house. it’s perfect. it’s a truckload and a half of work.

i don’t regret buying this place. sometimes it’s scary, but mostly i have hope. we have done a lot of work, and are so, so close, yet so far from the finish. i look so forward to the feeling of completeness i found before we moved here.

we went on some adventures and found ways to be creative without a kitchen. with every increment that the house becomes complete, i think that our lives become more orderly.

2022 looks bright, if expensive (thank-you inflation). i hope to find balance, build habits, create content and restore and build relationships.

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