Why am I interested in NFTs #001

Opinion: In order to be interested in something, you must desire something it will give you. If you already have the “something” you may not see the benefits.

I am incredibly introspective, and am becoming very good at deep diving and trying to remember who was as a kid or teenager when no one was looking. Who was I before social media and life took me by storm? What did I like to do, who did I gravitate towards or want to avoid?

I as I review I begin to see patterns, and I believe in patterns and the stories they tell. I think patterns show a constancy that tells a story, of the cycles of you.

An example, I told my dad at around 9 I wanted to be an artist, he told me to put in the work and I could be an artist. The rest of the world was not so supportive, and I listened.

What’s interesting to me, is that if I had listened to my dad and put in the work, I would have almost 20 years of experience as an artist now. I would certainly have a portfolio and clients. I would possibly be part-time.

But the internet changed the course of history, and lowered the cost of entry into the business, and made a platform for artists to reach the masses.

There is a major gap — artists are often not given the credit of being the creator and the ownership rights that should offer. Being an artist that creates something the world enjoys is clearly an effort worth enjoying, so artists should be compensated appropriately for the commitment to the craft.

Enter NFTs. An artist creates something. Adds a digital version (photo? mockup? if it’s not digital art) and then sells it on an open market, known as a blockchain marketplace. Here the artist has all the responsibility. They create, market, and sell their work. They also are forever known locked in the blockchain history as the creator and anytime that product sells in the future the original creator gets a cut of the sale.

This is one example of WHY NFTs are cool. It’s why they open doors and have so much possibility attached to their usefulness.

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